Gillian Miles

Advice for Teachers

Children all have different abilities and work at different speeds. This often poses a problem for teachers when setting homework. Perhaps you can tell the children to work for 15 minutes on the exercise given. This will enable the slower workers to feel they can attack the work with confidence knowing that they will not be reprimanded if they have not finished the task. Many slow workers spend half the homework time worrying about not getting the work finished. Put their little minds at ease so that they can devote the entire 15 minutes to concentrating on the work to be done. 

We all learn by making mistakes. The most successful people are there because they have made so many mistakes. They have also ensured that they have learned from their mistakes. Children will make mistakes as part of their learning process. We as teachers need to recognise this and ensure we do not reprimand when a child makes a mistake. Show the child it is alright to make a mistake then show them how to learn from the mistake.

Children are very precious and have feelings just like adults. Be gentle with them as this will ensure they feel secure. If they feel secure they are more likely to learn and recall information they have stored.

A positive response to a mistake will encourage the child to try again. However, a negative response can make the child clam up and lose interest in learning and in school work.

Praise and reward are so important for self esteem and confidence building. You can never give enough of this. No matter how small the deed is, it deserves praise and lots of it. Watch the expression on children’s faces when you praise or reward them. These can be the best moments of your day.